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There are 90,000+ homeless people on the streets in California. The Governorís office wants to spend 1.4 billion dollars to fix the problem. We could build rehabilitation shelters for all 90,000 people for 388 million dollars.

And, we could convert the existing free shelters to pay-to-stay rehabilitation facilities by providing guidance and software.

If social service agencies in California spend an estimated 38 million dollars a month in food and cash benefits for the homeless on the street, maybe $350 for each person, which isn't getting people off the streets. Allow the homeless to spend their benefits at pay-to-stay rehabilitation facilities, $12 a day is all it takes. Reallocation of these wasted funds is the only logical solution.

Then, we could rehabilitate the homeless at no additional costs to the taxpayers, forever!

The money spent on the recent presidential impeachment would have built enough facilities to house and rehabilitate 12,064 people forever.

The money we're spending on the current presidential election could build enough facilities to house and rehabilitate all 460,000 homeless people on the streets in America forever.

Stop Wasting Money - Start Fixing People!

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