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Mission Statement

The projectís mission is to provide homeless solution education to local government entities, to support existing homeless shelters, and to build self-sustainable homeless rehabilitation centers with the goal of ending the enabling of street life and promoting homeless rehabilitation.

Our project is developing a rehabilitation concept that can provide housing, meals, laundry, medical and dental services, mental health therapy, on-site social services, computer/Internet access, transportation, drug rehabilitation and job placement for $12 a day, which can be paid through existing government benefits offered to people living on the streets.

The project is also developing a shelter software solution to aid shelters with day-to-day operations and billing capabilities to various government agencies for compensation of resident housing and food expenses with the goal to provide such shelters with additional revenue resources for homeless rehabilitation services.

The 1BED4ALL Project is a 501c3 nonprofit corporation and is currently seeking donations for ongoing support of free shelters in need of resources and/or the projectís core mission.

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