Pay-to-Stay Homeless Rehabilitation Facilities
$12 a day paid by the residents with EBT, SSI benefits, part-time work, panhandling and donations

Dorm-style shelter with access to restrooms, showers, cell phone power stations and laundry services. Storage for belongings.

Cafeteria-style breakfast, lunch and dinner 7-days a week. Monday is scrambled eggs, corn dogs and lasagna.

Medical and Dental services, mental health therapy and drug rehabilitation using Medi-Cal benefits.

Residents can use the facility as their own mailing address to correspond with social service agencies and employers.

Access to county, state and federal social service agencies, with onsite social workers.

Dogs are welcome with pet care and veterinary services.

Access to public transportation systems.

Access to computers and the Internet via the facility's pc lab.

1BED4ALL facilities are drug and alcohol free, with full access rights to law enforcement.

Job placement programs through 1BED4ALL and local social service agencies.