Pay-to-Stay Homeless Rehabilitation Facilities
Facility Management Software (FMS) (browser-based)

Resident pay-to-stay EBT, debit and other methods are automated with real-time and nightly batch processing.

Resident bed assignments include shower and laundry times which can be easily changed to fit resident rehab and work schedules.

Cafeteria food orders are automated with purchase quantities matching actual occupancy.

Medical and Dental appointments are managed for residents with reminders. FMS will be able to notify transportation as well.

Resident work assignments are managed for dorm, kitchen, custodial and grounds keeping duties.

Resident bed assignments are designed to act as resident mailing addresses.

FMS will be able to interface with social service agencies via API as available.

Pet care volunteer hours and schedules are managed.

PC lab volunteer hours and schedules are managed. FMS will have a residents portal for maintaining work skills and experience.

FMS will interface with law enforcement as needed, and maintain patrol check schedules.

Resident work skills abd experience are managed and viewable to local businesses.